Salty Coffee!

An old trick to improve coffee flavor is to add salt to the coffee either before or after brewing. It was popular when roasted beans staled in open bins and paper bags. It was also popular for low grade, high acid coffees. In the United States salting coffee has been replaced by sugar. However, it is still popular in some European countries.
Salt like sugar dulls the palate so that bitterness in the coffee is reduced.
Using salt in coffee became more popular in the United States, in 2009, when Alton Brown on his cooking show recommended it as an alternative to sugar. His suggested recipe was a half teaspoon of kosher salt for each two teaspoons of ground coffee.
Sometimes you just want a cup of hot coffee and you can’t find a gourmet coffee shop nearby. Salt may be the answer but don’t be surprised when people stare at you.
Benefits of Using Salt
The major benefits of using salt are:
  • It makes bad coffee palatable
  • It is more healthy than sugar (unless you have hypertension or are on a low sodium diet.)
  • It replaces lost sodium from coffee drinking
Salt is not a substitute for great coffee. Salt like sugar masks acidity and flavor, two of the joys of drinking coffee. However, in a pinch it may be the best alternative to bad coffee.
Bon Appetit

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee LLC is a boutique farm in Kona, Hawaii that grows, processes and roasts its own current crop coffee beans. We grow 7 different varieties of coffee and process them using 5 different methods. We roast date every bag of our coffee. Hula Daddy Kona Coffee does not sell coffee cherry or green coffee beans to anyone.

Hula Daddy is Kona’s most awarded coffee. In 2019, Hula Daddy won First, Fourth and Fifth places in the Kona Coffee Competition. In 2018, Forbes Magazine picked Hula Daddy as one of the Top 12 Coffee Roasters in the United States. Also in 2018, Coffee Review selected Hula Daddy out of the thousands of coffees it tastes every year as the Number 1 Coffee of 2018. In 2017, we came in Second in the Hawaii Cupping Competition and in the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition. In 2017, Laura’s Reserve SL-28 received 97 points from Coffee Review and was Number 2 in the Top Coffees of 2017. In December 2016, Coffee Review rated our Laura’s Reserve SL-28 as Number 3 in the Top Coffees of 2016

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