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  • Chasing the Coffee Unicorn: The Drive for Innovation

    Coffee farmers who want to stay competitive feel pressured by buyers to experiment with new coffee varieties and novel processing methods
  • What's Your Agtron Number?

    Labels like "dark" and "medium" can mean different things depending on who roasts the beans. Here, we talk about the Agtron color densitometric analyzer, a tool that measures roast levels to help coffee lovers find their perfect cup. Learn how Hula Daddy Kona Coffee uses it to strike the right balance of flavor and aroma, ensuring every sip is just right.
  • Don't You Want a French Press?

    When you shop you find an overwhelming selection in all kinds of sizes, materials, and prices. Here is a summary to help you choose the right French press:
  • Try Siphon Brewing

    Siphon brewers do a great job extracting the flavors of the coffee beans.
  • I need a Grinder!

  • Great Coffee - Bad Water

    Water quality is critical to the taste of brewed coffee
  • Is Laser Brewing Next?

    It's fascinating to see how coffee brewing has evolved over the centuries.
  • Is Your Coffee Too Fresh?

  • Grinding Coffee Changes Flavor

  • Freezing Coffee - Intuition or Logic?

  • The Best Way to Brew Coffee 

  • Should You Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach?

  • More Expensive - a Glass of Wine or a Cup of Coffee?

  • Time for a New Year’s Checkup

  • Mixing Addictions - Coffee and Alcohol

  • My Grinder Lied!

  • Coffee Goes to War

  • Coffee on the Run