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Atmos 1.2  liter coffee storage canister. It uses a built in vacuum pump to remove the air from the canister. To operate the pump, you simply twist the lid back and forth until a small green indicator on the top of the canister indicates that it’s fully depressurized. We recommend that you keep it in the freezer for maximum freshness. Then grind and brew the frozen beans. Hand wash.
  • Hula Daddy Kona Coffee uses small batch roasting to ensure that each bag of 100% Kona coffee you purchase is freshly roasted.

  • We guarantee an unforgettable experience rich in aromatic flavor. If for some reason you are unhappy, we encourage you to tell us.

  • Hula Daddy Kona Coffee is committed to protecting the environment. We have planted over 31 acres of pasture land with over 17,000 trees which has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.

  • We will do whatever it takes to make your Hula Daddy Kona Coffee experience perfect.