Turkeys and Visitor Center!

If you like birds you will be happy to know we have about 40 wild turkeys on the farm. They help out on the farm by eating the bugs. We can watch them from our lanai as they go up and down the coffee rows scratching the ground and gobbling up the bugs they find. They also like to come onto the lanai early in the morning and look at the reflections in the sliding glass doors. Some mornings we wake up to five or six turkeys outside the bedroom door staring at their reflections in the glass.

New Visitor Center
Our new visitor center is framed up and the roof is on. You can see it in the video cams on our website. The visitor center should be finished in January so that you can take a tour of the farm and sample the coffee. We are looking forward to having a place where we can meet people and talk coffee with them.

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