Storing Fresh Roasted Hula Daddy Kona Coffee by Karen Paterson

Hula Daddy Kona Coffee is one of the world’s finest coffees. However, to keep tasting the subtle flavors of our coffee you need to keep it as fresh as possible. Hula Daddy Kona Coffee beans are sold in a flavor seal bag that will keep the coffee fresh for weeks However, once the bags are opened the beans are exposed to air, strong odors and moisture and begin to lose the subtle flavors that make Hawaiian grown Hula Daddy Kona Coffee so unique. The natural enemies of fresh roasted coffee are oxygen, strong odors, moisture, heat and light. If you want to keep Hula Daddy Kona Coffee fresh, keep the beans away from air, strong odors, water, heat and light.

Here are our suggestions for keeping your Hula Daddy Kona Coffee fresh.

Buy Small Bags of Coffee

Buy half pound or one pound flavor sealed bags of coffee. Never buy two pound or five pound bags even if you are saving money. There is no point in saving money to coffee that is going to go stale. Only buy as much coffee as you will use in the next 60 days. Flavor seal bags are an amazing way to store fresh roasted coffee. Supermarkets use them to store coffee for months. Some of the coffee you buy in supermarket cans and bags was growing on a coffee tree two and three years ago. If you buy in flavor seal bags every 60 days or less you are sure of getting fresh roasted flavor.

Grind the Beans Just Before You Use Them

When you grind coffee you expose more of the surface of the coffee. Ground coffee will go stale when exposed to air in hours while beans can stay mostly fresh for days. So buy whole bean coffee and grind it just before you brew it.

Store Hula Daddy Coffee away from Strong Odors

Coffee beans are porous and will absorb strong odors quickly including onion, garlic, perfume, air freshener, and etc. Don’t open your Hula Daddy coffee around and don’t store it near strong odors.

Keep Hula Daddy Coffee Dry and Cool

Don’t store coffee near the sink or dishwasher. Coffee beans will pick up water quickly and it will degrade the subtle flavors of Kona Coffee beans. Also keep coffee beans away from hot places, such as heaters, stoves, windows etc. It doesn’t have to be cold. If you are comfortable the coffee is comfortable.

• Keep Hula Daddy Coffee in the Freezer

We freeze all of our opened bags. First, we put close up the bags and put a clip on the top. Then we seal the coffee bag inside of a plastic bag.

Gavina, a major coffee wholesaler, conducted an experiment with roasted coffee stored at room temperature, in a refrigerator and in a freezer. In the study, a sample from each storage environment was cupped and tested for moisture every 2 weeks; then brewed and checked for color consistency every 4 weeks. Throughout the 12 weeks, the samples were cupped and tasted in a blind taste test by three Q Coffee Graders. The results revealed the best cup of coffee is achieved starting with whole beans stored in an airtight container in the freezer for a maximum of 6 weeks. For pre-ground coffee, the maximum storage time decreases to about four weeks.

Hula Daddy Bag Clip

We have a Hula Daddy Kona Coffee Bag Clip to seal the bags after you open them. They work just like a chip clip. They aren’t as good a freezing coffee but they are better than trying to roll the bag closed. The next time you order Hula Daddy Kona Coffee beans ask us to send you a free bag clip.

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