100 % Pure Kona Coffee

Take a minute to learn more about why Kona-grown coffee is preferred by locals, Island hoppers, mainlanders, and world-traveling coffee enthusiasts.

Where does coffee come from?
From planting a seedling to pouring the rich, brown brew into a steaming mug, quality coffee production involves many processes.

High quality trees are planted and cultivated over a period of years. When plants mature and berries turn red, they’re hand picked and pressed to squeeze out the bean hidden inside. The beans are then carefully soaked in water, a process that removes the moist material inside called mucilage. Spread on large racks, the crop is placed in direct sunlight for drying. After drying the beans are hulled, sorted and graded. Hula Daddy discards about twenty percent of its crop as not good enough for the Hula Daddy label.

The beans are then roasted and at a specific temperature, they make a cracking sound – the signal that aromatic oil and flavor agents have been released and the beans are ready to be brewed.

What’s Kona got that other coffee-growing regions don’t?
The Kona Coffee Belt is a lush, 20-mile region that offers agricultural conditions ideal for cultivating a coffee bean unmatched in flavor and smoothness.

The Kona Coffee Belt is positioned on the leeward slopes of two volcanoes – Hualalai and Mauna Loa. Soil produced by eruptions, abundant sunshine and soft, afternoon rain showers mark the days in this laid-back corner of the world.

Coffee farming in Kona dates back to 1828A.D. – the days when the fabled Hawaiian monarchy ruled the Islands.

Why is Hula Daddy’s 100% Kona coffee ono-licious?
Here’s why Hula Daddy is a standout: Location. Our plantation sits in the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt at 1,500 feet above the sea on volcanic Mount Hualalai.

  • 100% premium Kona coffee only. Experienced pickers hand select only the
    very finest beans from our trees for processing.
  • Ideal conditions. The warm sun washes over our trees in the morning,
    cooling clouds provide shade in the afternoon, and in the evening, trade
    winds drift over the mountaintops to bring tropical rains.
  • Expert cultivation. Hula Daddy’s plantation team is headed by Hawaii’s most renowned coffee agronomist who personally selects our trees and oversees the complex irrigation system that nourishes the beans.
  • Skilled picking. Our skilled pickers are veterans at harvesting the crop at peak ripeness. The same day the best beans are picked,
    they are pulped. All of the smooth, natural flavor is retained.
  • Humidity Controlled StorageAll of our beans are kept in our warehouse under controlled temperature and humidity until they are ready to be roasted.
  • Expert Roasting All of our beans are quality roasted to the perfect degree of roasting.
  • Strict quality control. At every phase, detailed production protocols
    are monitored to make sure the end product meets highest quality standards.

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