Lessons Learned Being a Coffee Farmer by Karen Paerson

Hula Daddy in the RanBeing a farmer changes your perspective on so many things.
Rain – I used to hate rainy days. Then four years ago we had a drought that lasted for two years. Since then our annual rainfall has been cut in half. It costs us $4000 a month to irrigate our lower farm. Now, I love rain. I check the weather radar every morning hoping for a storm system.
Going Fast – I used to time myself on the freeways to see if I could commute faster. Now if I get behind someone on our two lane roads going 20 MPH, I don’t mind.
Waiting for Left Turns – I used to beep my horn if the car ahead of me didn’t make the left turn fast enough. I can’t remember the last time I beeped my horn. I think it may be rusted shut.
Instant Feedback – I had a job where I knew quickly how I was doing. Now we plant a seed and won’t know for 5 years whether it was the right plant in the right place. Farming has taught me to be patient. Good things will happen if you wait.
Pick Up Trucks – I used to love my SUV. Now I love pickup trucks. My favorite commercial of all time was the Dodge Ram Superbowl ad “God Made A Farmer.”
Dogs – Two years ago we got two rescue puppies. They were supposed to be medium- size dogs. Now one weighs 90 pounds and the other weighs 105 pounds. I walk both of them at the same time and they think I am in charge. If they ever find out that they weigh almost twice as much as I do, I am in trouble. Who knew that the best hour of my day would be walking them around the farm?
Life has a way of teaching you the things you need to know.
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